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Chris for Change
1828 S Umbrella Crt
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012
Earlier this year, US News and World Report published a comprehensive study that ranked the states according to 60 different metrics, placing Oklahoma 44th overall.  Other studies show that Oklahoma ranks 41st in median per capita income, has the 13th highest poverty rate, 3rd highest divorce rate, and ranks 48th on well-being, 47th on senior citizens’ health, 41st in infant mortality rate, and 45th in mortality rates. Oklahoma ranks 42th in citizens with college degrees and 43rd with advanced degrees.  This is not fake news; these are the facts.  Oklahoma needs new leadership, new ideas, and more pointedly, a legislature not beholden to oil and gas interests.  Without change at the Capitol, Oklahoma will have more budget failures, more teachers leaving the state, more school districts opting for 4-day weeks, more OHP cars sitting around with no gas, continue to be a national and international laughingstock and less desireable to relocate a business. 

Legislative Priorities for a more prosperous, happier, and better state:

    Public Education: restore all funding cuts, match Texas salary schedule for teachers while maintaining current administration costs, tuition-free public colleges and universities

    Reducing Big Government: amend the state constitution to replace the bicameral legislature with a unicameral legislature; reduce salaries of state congressional members to 50% of the average public school teacher, eliminate state militia spending, J.M. Davis Memorial and Will Rogers Museum Commissions, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission

    Taxes: abolish taxes on groceries; reduce state sales tax by 33%; increase motor fuel taxes; return to income tax rates applicable in 2007; increase gross production taxes to 7%, eliminating the Horizontal Wells Gross Production Tax Credit; abolish taxpayer funded incentives for businesses to relocate in Oklahoma

    Representation: abolish partisan gerrymandering

    Family Values: accept the ACA’s Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma; universal healthcare for children; begin steps toward paid family and maternity leave, paid sick time, and paid vacations

    Civil Liberties: legalize marijuana and abolish civil asset forfeiture

    Personal Responsibility: strongly increase penalties for drunk or impaired driving and driving without automobile insurance; allow purchase of insurance for property protection against uninsured motorists

    Animal Welfare: ban use of steel leg-hold traps for fur-bearing mammals, ban taxpayer funded killing of predator species; ban sport shooting of inedible animals; ban use of battery cages in chicken farm operations, ban use of gestation crates on pig farms

    Guns: criminal background checks for all gun sales; ban possession of high-capacity magazines

    Minimum Wage: increase to $10.75 per hour

    Rebuild Crumbling Infrastructure

    Sustainable and Thriving Environment: commission OU and OSU professors to provide the legislature with a 10, 20, and 50 year plan for protecting the natural environment of Oklahoma

    Annoyances: ban pharmaceutical ads on TV; tractor-trailer drivers must use right hand lane only